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Laser skin treatment is a common plastic surgery procedure that is used to treat skin imperfections. To accomplish the task, a surgeon uses a carbon dioxide laser to vaporize the top layers of the skin removing them in order to allow the inner layers to form new cells. This procedure is often utilized as a means of treating early aging especially for eliminating or minimizing problems like fine lines, wrinkles, freckles and sunspots.

You can think of receiving this kind of resurfacing if your lifestyle has caused your skin to deteriorate. This can happen due to issues such as excessive smoking, stress, Rosacea and pollution. You can also consider getting it if you suffer from issues such as brown marks, freckles and small veins caused by the aging process. You can also get it if you have scars and burns that you want to conceal or if you want to remove tattoos.

It is also appropriate if you have port wine stains and spider veins. The procedure is performed when one is sedated and it is often complete within a few minutes. Nonetheless, it may take longer if the area being worked on is large such as the entire face. Recovery time depends on the deepness of laser penetration and will take longer if it penetrated deeply.


There are many benefits of getting this type of resurfacing in comparison to other procedures. For example, bleeding does not happen and the procedure takes a short time. The other advantage is that the level of discomfort experienced after the operation is low. In addition to this, the procedure is not as invasive as a facelift but is effective in removing wrinkles and lines. Another advantage is that a patient does not need a lot of care after the procedure unlike the one needed after getting a surgical facelift.

You will find that the time taken to notice that the procedure was successful can be long but you will see that your appearance is great after a couple of months. The effects of this procedure are temporary since they are affected by the normal aging process. However, you can receive a re-treatment after some years. The popular treatments used are the Fraxiel and the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments.

After using Fraxiel treatment, you will look much younger. To accomplish this, a surgeon uses 1000 small microscopic laser columns, which treat one section of the body at a time. The tissues surrounding the area that the surgeon is treating are not affected. The purpose served by the laser columns is stimulating the production of healthier, smoother and younger looking skin through the replacement of damaged tissues.

The IPL treatment on the other hand is accomplished through the utilization of white light, which contains many frequencies and colors of light. This is different from the laser since it utilizes only one wavelength of color or light. IPL is utilized in the treatment of many problems since many different lights are used. When you receive this form of resurfacing, you will appear more radiant, youthful and bright.

One usually takes a period of two weeks to four weeks to recover after receiving laser skin treatment. Some people experience redness or pinkness on their skin but this fades away within a short time leaving it looking naturally youthful. Other side effects that one is likely to experience include temporary rashes or allergies but they subside after a month. You can receive this type of resurfacing safely regardless of your age group.

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