Wikinews interviews Spanish Paralympic swimmer María Delgado

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thursday at Madrid–Barajas Airport, Wikinews interviewed Spanish Paralympic swimmer María Delgado, who is scheduled to compete at the 2013 IPC Swimming World Championships that start on Monday in Montreal, Canada. Delgado will be 15 when she is to compete in Montreal.

((Wikinews)) I’m Laura Hale, I’m interviewing María Delgado who is a Spanish swimmer and who is going to the 2013 IPC Swimming World Championships in Montreal, and you have received a lot of press attention from the Spanish press for being the next great Spanish Swimmer, […] [Do you expect to medal in this tournament or in Río?] ((es))Spanish language: ?¿Crees que en este campeonato vas a ganar una medalla o futuro a Río? [Note: The translated question here differed from the one originally asked in English.]

María Delgado: [laughs] I don’t know. ((es))Spanish language: ?Yo qué sé jajaja.

((WN)) The Spanish newspapers say she is the greatest swimmer, she is the next greatest Spanish Paralympic swimmer. Does she feel pressure from the media saying that she is a great swimmer to perform in a really high level? Does she feel pressure to win because the newspapers say it? Spanish newspapers say she is the next great Spanish Paralympic swimmer, that she is going to go to Río.

Translator: She has also been future with “plan AXA”, who bet on young swimmers Paralympics, and has been going at concentrations, which are younger with future have driven a little to fit in the world level of competition. ((es))Spanish language: ? ¿si tienes algún [here I’d say: “alguna presión porque”] … como que eres el futuro porque eres nueva nadadora, si has salido por ejemplo en el periódico en tu pueblo? Bueno, ella ha sido una apuesta también de un plan que hay de AXA, que apuestan por los jóvenes nadadores paralímpicos, y ha estado yendo a concentraciones, a los que son más jovenes con futuro los han impulsado un poquito para que entren en el mundo de la competición a nivel.
María Delgado: I’m on a plan for young talent, that is preparing for Rio 2016 and has selected us, and now we go to the World Championship. ((es))Spanish language: ?Estoy en un plan que es de jóvenes promesas, que nos preparan para Río 2016 y ha apostado por nosotros, y ahora vamos al campeonato del mundo.

((WN)) Because you are 15, how do you […] balance going to school and competing?

María Delgado: It’s a little difficult but with hard work and effort it’s doable. Study in the morning and train in the afternoon. ((es))Spanish language: ?Es un poco difícil pero con trabajo y esfuerzo se puede conseguir. Estudio por la mañana y entreno por la tarde.

((WN)) Are you doing school work while you are in Montreal? How does you balance school? How do you do the school at the 15 years old and swim? Because that seems really hard to do both at once. ((es))Spanish language: ?¿Estás haciendo las tareas escolares mientras se encuentra en Montreal? ¿De qué manera a equilibrar la escuela? ¿Cómo se hace la escuela a los 15 años de edad y nadar? Debido a que parece muy difícil hacer las dos cosas a la vez. ¿Puedes explicar como por ejemplo qué ¿? vas a hacerlo todo normal, no? Que ¿cómo lo compaginas? Que es muy difícil compaginar y entrenar a la vez natación, o sea, nadar y estudiar.

María Delgado: It is very difficult to combine and train while swimming, with swimming and studying. ((es))Spanish language: ?Sí, es difícil pero se puede cerrar y hay veces que no sé cómo lo hago… estudiando, yo qué sé… Nos explica por ejemplo que en la Universidad pues tienes que ir más ¿? … start very new… que acaba de empezar y todavía no trae ritmo.

((WN)) Because you’re 15 do your parents go with you? Are your parents going to Montreal or are you all traveling solo by yourself?

María Delgado: With my coaches. My parents aren’t going. ((es))Spanish language: ?Con mis entrenadores. Mis padres no van.

((WN)) Only with your coach? ((es))Spanish language: ?¿Sólo con su entrenador?

María Delgado: Yes. ((es))Spanish language: ?Sí.

((WN)) Is it scary to be on your own? Competing against all these 20 year olds and 30 year olds who’ve been to Paralympic games, or you just go “I’m 15, I can — el Mundo es mío [the world is mine]”? ((es))Spanish language: ?¿Tienes miedo o tú vas con todas las ganas de competir con gente mayor?

María Delgado: I’m not scared and I go eagerly. ((es))Spanish language: ?No tengo miedo y voy con muchas ganas.

((WN)) Thank you. ((es))Spanish language: ?Gracias.

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Wikinews interviews World Wide Web co-inventor Robert Cailliau

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The name Robert Cailliau may not ring a bell to the general public, but his invention is the reason why you are reading this: Dr. Cailliau together with his colleague Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, making the internet accessible so it could grow from an academic tool to a mass communication medium. Last January Dr. Cailliau retired from CERN, the European particle physics lab where the WWW emerged.

Wikinews offered the engineer a virtual beer from his native country Belgium, and conducted an e-mail interview with him (which started about three weeks ago) about the history and the future of the web and his life and work.

Wikinews: At the start of this interview, we would like to offer you a fresh pint on a terrace, but since this is an e-mail interview, we will limit ourselves to a virtual beer, which you can enjoy here.

Robert Cailliau: Yes, I myself once (at the 2nd international WWW Conference, Chicago) said that there is no such thing as a virtual beer: people will still want to sit together. Anyway, here we go.

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On the campaign trail in the USA, October 2020

Monday, November 2, 2020

The following is the sixth and final edition of a monthly series chronicling the 2020 United States presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after an overview of the month’s biggest stories.

This month’s spotlight on the campaign trail: the Free and Equal Elections Foundation holds two presidential debates, three candidates who did not participate in those debates give their final pleas to voters, and three political pundits give their predictions on the outcome of the election.

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Forex Trading Course Lesson 2 Basics Of The Hanging Man

By Dragan Lukic

One of the basic candlesticks you will study in your

Forex trading course

is the Hanging Man. Whilst we focused on its cousin (the hammer) in our last article, here we will focus on the hanging man, its characteristics and how to use it within your trading strategies you have learnt throughout your

Forex training


YouTube Preview Image

The Hanging Man

In terms of look and feel the hanging man and the hammer are identical. The main difference is however, that the hanging man appears at the top of an up-trend rather than a down-trend. The reason why it is called a hanging man is because the candle appears to look like a person with their legs hanging beneath their body. Similarly to the hammer, it is not important what colour the the hanging man’s real body actually is. What is important is that the real body is near the sessions high. That is, the hanging man’s open or close need to be near the session’s high as long as it creates a ‘small’ real body at the top of the candle.

As you will learn in your Forex trading course, the hanging man also has to have a long lower shadow. This shadow represents the state of the market throughout the session where the bears have created a sell-off at some point but the bulls stepped in and pushed the stock further upwards. In order to qualify as a hanging man, the stock either closes slightly below the open or slightly above the open. If a long upper shadow appears, the candle is not a hanging man.

Throughout your Forex training you will adopt your own techniques but the basic rule when using the hanging man in your Forex trading strategy is to wait for a confirmation candle. Different Forex traders have different opinions about the type of confirmation that you should look for but we are going to stick to the basic rule of a confirmation candle that closes beneath the hanging man’s real body. However, do not dismiss that some Forex traders are taught throughout their Forex training to only use a candle that opens and closes below the hanging man’s real body. The point is that, just because you see a hanging man at the top of the up-trend does not mean that the trend will change direction. As we mentioned in our prior article (Forex Trading Lesson 1 – Basics of the Hammer) the trend can simply have a rest for a few sessions and once it builds up the energy, continue trending in the same direction. If you find yourself in this position, you must take yourself out of the Forex market straight away. If you don’t you will lose money. This is why a confirmation candle is of up-most importance.

Imagine if you were following the trend and bought the currency pair on the hanging man’s open or the close. You are literally left there hanging in the Forex market. The trick is to make sure the hanging man is at the trend’s high or even at an all-time high and once the confirmation candle comes into play, the Forex market has every chance of changing direction. To give you more of a clue the market may also provide prior few candles with long upper shadows. That means that the selling pressure has begun and bulls are starting to get nervous. At the same time, try and notice if the slope of an up-trend is decreasing. If it is, the up-trend is starting to stall and the bears are starting to acquire the control. How long for, will depend on the surrounding factors but once a hanging man and a confirmation candle appear in this type of scenario, it is certainly a trade to take notice of.

About the Author: Forex Training Worldwide train people around the world how to trade the Forex through our online

Forex trading course

. If you want to know how our

Forex training

can help you make money from the markets please visit the Forex Training Worldwide website.


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Pakistan lifts house arrest of former PM Benazir Bhutto

Friday, November 9, 2007

The government of Pakistan late on Friday has withdrawn the earlier detention notice and house arrest of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Police had served her with a temporary detention notice and ordered her to serve 30 days of house arrest. Bhutto was not detained by the police.

The move came as Bhutto planned to attend a protest she organised today in Rawalpindi. She was stopped by troops who were ordered to surround and block off her home located in Islamabad. They then served her with a 30 day detention when she attempted to cross the blockade.

“I am trying to get out, as I want to go to Rawalpindi. I am in front of my house in my car. I have not been arrested and no arrest warrant has been served on me. Large numbers of policemen are present here and there are barb wire barricades and blockades in front of me,” said Bhutto.

Police claimed that they are protecting Bhutto from a possible suicide bomb attack because “some suicide attackers have come to Islamabad,” added Bhutto.

In Rawalpindi, protesters clashed with police who were enforcing a ban against public demonstrations. Bhutto has publicly announced that she will head a protest against the country’s president, Pervez Musharraf, in an attempt to get him to resign as head of the country’s military. A protest march from Lahore to Islamabad is scheduled for early next week.

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