Friday, April 18, 2008

Police have been given seven days to question the suspected terrorist who was arrested in Bristol, United Kingdom today.

After the seven days, the suspect will have to be released or charged, unless an extension is granted.

The BBC has reported that the person who was arrested is approximately nineteen years old. He has been named as Andrew Ibrahim.

A representative of the Bristol Cultural Muslim Society commented on the developments, “We hope the individual concerned is innocent and that this turns out to be a false alarm.”

It has also recently been confirmed by the police that a suspicious object was found at the scene.

He was arrested in Bristol, United Kingdom on suspicion of terrorism earlier today. There was also a controlled explosion. Parts of the city were evacuated.

Avon and Somerset police have also recently said that “It is anticipated that due to the nature of the offences believed to have been committed, work at the scene may take a number of days.”

Rod Hansen, from the police force commented on the arrest. “This has been a large scale operation and we have called upon the expertise and professionalism of staff from CID, Operational Planning, Air Support, the Hi-Tech Crime Unit and our Community Engagement Team to name but a few. It is right that I acknowledge their fine efforts also,” he said

A Wikinews reporter visited the nearest main road, Henleaze Road in the hours after the arrest, to report on the incident. It was noted that there was a significantly higher number of police vehicles in the area, compared to the usual figure.

The Wikinews reporter also noted that there were several reporters gathered around the local police station. A large police van was also noticed outside the police station.