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American movies, “Transformers,” the chatter of the Indian operator impressed many viewers, it also reflects India’s outsourcing service industry has been closely linked with the lives of Americans. Recently, with the Indian outsourcing industry known for some nervous, because China attaches importance to and encourage the outsourcing industry’s move to bring a guess – that China will not squeeze the Indian outsourcing services industry under the throne?

Last month, India’s largest outsourcing firm Tata Consultancy Services Group, announced the company’s number of employees in China to double. Think that they are Indian outsourcing companies uneasy performance. Reported in the next few years, the pace of China’s outsourcing business is expected to grow faster than India. A multinational accounting firm executives said, “China will appear the Indian outsourcing industry’s growth rate previously.” “India Times” are recent reports of “China’s IT industry challenges” of the title, said the Chinese government has increased the outsourcing of support, after the Indian outsourcing industry in the international competition will be difficult as before invincible up.

However, analysis of CNN, said such concerns were exaggerated in India, because China’s outsourcing industry is still relatively small scale, but also more scattered. The article said China’s IT services exports last year was only 9.6 billion U.S. dollars, compared to 49.7 billion U.S. dollars in India. The company, for example, China’s largest software outsourcer Neusoft Group revenue last year was 6.18 million, but less than Tata Consultancy Services as of March 31 this year, the previous fiscal year revenue of 1 / 10. In addition, to date, has not a Chinese outsourcing company Tata Consultancy employs approximately 1 / 10, currently a total of 160 000 TCS employees.

India’s outsourcing industry is the main driving force of economic development. According to statistics, including software and service outsourcing, including the Indian outsourcing industry more than 2.3 million jobs created, value-added share of gross domestic product of India 7%, accounting for India’s total exports Jinsi Cheng. At present, India has to undertake 65% of the global offshore software outsourcing business and 46% service outsourcing business.

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Software development costs, 70% of the cost of human resources, low and high-quality human resources is the success of Indian software outsourcing industry, an important factor. India has a natural advantage in English, while nearly 3,000 secondary schools in India, more than 1,000 colleges and universities offer different levels of information technology, professional courses, also relies on private and private institutions and software companies to implement the overall training of personnel, therefore, India Most software professionals have come from professional training institutions.

Recently, the Chinese Government to give strong support to the outsourcing industry, including tax incentives and preferential policies, their objective is to follow the example of India’s development experience, and create numerous employment opportunities. In addition, the Chinese government has also proposed to build 10 Juyou internationally competitive outsourcing industry center, encourage 100 multinationals Jiang service outsourcing to China, and Fazhan 1000 to service the global market, outsourcing services, Shang Ge Ge.

Unlike India, China has a huge potential domestic market. China IT service industry accounted for only 13.8% of the entire IT industry market share, however, this share will continue to grow, because the Chinese government is taking more effective measures to promote local enterprises to enter the outsourcing industry.

Now it seems that China’s outsourcing service providers in Europe and the United States and other countries continue to receive orders, which the market has been India’s traditional territory. Last year, China’s largest 10 companies outsourcing services market in Europe and the United States have increased revenues, even more than the initial start-up performance of Japanese and Korean markets still outstanding. For example, the article said HiSoft is China’s third largest offshore outsourcing service provider, in June this year in the U.S. Nasdaq market, its international customers include AIG, Citigroup, Microsoft and so on.

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While choosing a web hosting service provider, pay more attention on Security, customer service and performance. Finding a good web hosting package is not difficult today because most companies have very tempting offers.

The hosting packages based on the tangible feature like bandwidth or HDD space, etc. and IGNORE the most important element of the package, i.e. Technical Support. Most of the hosting companies in this segment are Resellers and do not own and run an in-house Technical Support Team. They totally depend on the parent hosting company based in some other country, making Technical Support time consuming and costly.

Another challenge in choosing the Best Hosting package is that the most web hosting businesses engage in “Over-selling”. This happens when companies sell their hosting packages only based on features like bandwidth or HDD space and go on selling until these hardware limits are exhausted. They present unrealistic data about the hosting packages on sale. For example, in a package of 2 GB web space if average used space is about 500 MB, the companies sell more than 5 packages in total space of 2 GB. When web hosting provider prefers easy money over Customer Support then they will attempt to host much more web sites than they can really host. Problems soon appear in the form of overloaded servers, long downtimes and resource-crunch.

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To Summaries, the following points should be remembered while choosing a good web hosting package:

1. Do not get impressed merely by the flashy web sites offering so-called best hosting packages.

2. Find out how long the company has been in this business. Particularly see if web hosting is their core business or just an add-on service. Never pay a year in advance with a company who has been around only for a few months.

3. Contact and interact with their support team. You will know if they have a Technical Support team at all in the first instance.

4. If you have special needs (for example, your own DLL or SSL or may be high-traffic requirements very populated sites tell The Technical Team as well as Sales manager about this in advance and get an ok from them preferably in writing.

5. Always have your domain control user id and password. This is handy specially when the web hosting company fails to provide good services and you are forced to move. The challenge will be that you will need approval from them in order to move your domain name to other service provider.

6. Passwords for your domain name registrar and your web hosting control panel should be different. This will ensure that in case your site gets blocked by the hosting provider, you will be in control and will not be in danger of loosing your domain name. Loosing some data can only be expensive but loosing your domain name is a catastrophe. Follow this rule and Avoid.

General Points to remember in every purchase:

1. Read and understand the TOS (“Terms Of Service”). If you do not understand any terms ask for clarifications from the company.

2. Look for a 30 days money back guarantee if available.

3. Make and keep your own backups, even if your host provides it in the package.

If you don’t know from where to start then let me know , if I can of any help to you. I Wish you the very Best of luck in finding a good web hosting company !

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