The Comprehensive Guide: Usps Tracking Number Search

How to Use USPS Tracking Number Search

Being able to track your mail and packages gives you peace of mind, especially when you’re sending or waiting for something significant. In recent times, tracking services have been made easier thanks to technological advances. This article is a comprehensive guide on how to use the USPS tracking number search.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a tracking feature that allows you to monitor the location and progress of your mail or package as it makes its way to its destination. From the time you mail it, until it gets to its recipient, you can see where it is at any given moment.

Understanding USPS Tracking Numbers

Every parcel dispatched via USPS comes with a unique tracking number. This number is a unique code assigned to parcels allowing customers to monitor their mail. The tracking number can be found on your mailing receipt, in your USPS account if you’re a registered user, on the shipping confirmation email if you purchased the postage online, or on the slip left by the carrier if unsuccessful in delivery.

How To Track

Once you have your tracking number, the USPS tracking system is straightforward to use. Simply visit the USPS tracking page on their official website. Enter the tracking number in the provided field and click on “Track”. You will immediately see details about your package, including the current location, tracking history, and estimated delivery date.

But what if you need to create a shipping label first? Here’s your quick guide:

Creating a USPS Shipping Label

A shipping label is essential as it indicates the destination of the mail or package. You need to create a shipping label before you can send out your package and get the tracking number. Follow these steps to create a USPS shipping label:

  • Login to your USPS account.
  • Select the ‘Create a Label’ option.
  • Enter the recipient’s address and other details.
  • Pick your preferred shipping option.
  • Review your information and verify it is correct.
  • Finally, click on ‘Create Label’.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll receive a tracking number that you can use for USPS tracking number search.

create USPS shipping label


Monitoring the whereabouts of your mail or package is easy with the USPS tracking number search. It saves you from unnecessary worry about whether your mail or package will reach the intended recipient or not. Plus, it keeps you up-to-date with the transit status. Just make sure to keep the receipt or any document containing the tracking number issued when you create USPS shipping label.

Now that you know how to utilize the USPS tracking number search, you can relax while your parcels make their way to their destination. This feature is proof that the USPS constantly innovates to make its services better for its customers.