Investing in a smart sprinkler system can save you time and money, and the ‘Time Sprinkler‘ is a perfect choice for the modern gardener. Literally sprinkling your time on your garden in the most effective and efficient way possible, a time sprinkler system might be just what you need to keep your lawn and plants looking lush and vibrant. At the core of this time efficient system is the essential element, a pressure reducing valve for sale.

The Time Sprinkler system is a smart irrigation system designed with the modern gardener in mind. Not only does it provide efficient watering, but it’s also designed to save you time in the long run, hence the name ‘Time Sprinkler’. This system consists of carefully calibrated timers that sprinkle water throughout your garden at scheduled intervals. Key to the efficient use of this system is the pressure reducing valve, consciously controlling water distribution to ensure each plant and shrub gets just the right amount of hydration.

The pressure reducing valve is particularly important in a sprinkler system. The proper functioning of a sprinkler system largely depends upon consistent pressure. A high water pressure could lead to extra water being sprinkled, wastage of resources, and possible damage to both hydraulic and mechanical parts of the system. A low pressure, on the other hand, could lead to insufficient watering, threatening the health and vitality of your plants.

Here’s where the pressure reducing valve for sale comes in. This essential piece of equipment regulates water pressure, ensuring that it stays at an optimal level for the sprinklers to function correctly. This regulates the system’s efficiency, and of course, the timing of your sprinkler function—part of what makes the Time Sprinkler efficient. Invest in a high-quality pressure reducing valve, and find the balance that contributes to a well-functioning, time-efficient sprinkler system.

Because the Time Sprinkler system is automated, it can be scheduled to water your lawn at the ideal times, even if you are not at home. This means less time spent manually watering and more free time for you. Moreover, it ensures your plants are watered at the optimum time, usually early morning or late evening when water evaporation rates are lowest. The integrated timers can be set according to the moisture needs of your garden, the climate, and the season, then left to do their job. In addition to this, a rain sensor can be included in the system for further efficiency, preventing overwatering during rainfall, hence saving more water and time.

In summary, the Time Sprinkler system makes garden irrigation efficient and hassle-free, ensuring that your lawns and gardens are watered optimally. It provides a considerable advantage to all gardening enthusiasts and professional gardeners alike—less time managing water schedules, less wasted water and healthier, happier plants.

The efficacy of the Time Sprinkler system, however, is heavily reliant on the quality of its component parts, making it all the more important to choose high-quality equipment like the pressure reducing valve for sale. By making the right choice, you can ensure not just a beautiful garden, but also a smart one.

Top 3 Innovative Ways To Capture Free Energy

Many of you im sure have already heard the idea of eco products and services such as billing statements and bank statements obtainable paperless, eco friendly cars, solar panels, and naturally derived energy from our sun and earth. I express thanks to all of you that take advantage of these healthier and more efficient standards. For a lot of you it is hard to change your accustomed ways of living, for some it is welcoming. This article is being written to give you some insight of where the world is heading with renewable resources being obtainable to everyone. Below are three of the most popular routes chosen to obtain free energy that anyone can use to start an eco friendly lifestyle of their own.

Imagine your electric bill coming in the mail and saying you owe nothing. That would be pretty cool right? Well a lot of people are experiencing this phenomenon all over the world as more and more people are turning to alternative energy resources. For instance if you positioned solar panels on your home you can perhaps eliminate your electric bill, even receive credits from your utility company depending on your setup. Solar panels work by collecting energy from the sun on PV panels and is then converted into electricity. There is a newer generation of solar panels that is also made to heat water harnessing the suns energy. You may pay close to your electric bill in financing this project for a couple years but now your ahead of the game and by then others will be asking where you got them and how much they cost. several businesses, governments, military, and homeowners are taking further advantage of this fairly new means of free and eco friendly alternative to fossil fuel.


Another and even newer innovative technology used to generate electricity is referred to as geothermal energy. Now this is a true eco friendly system. The process is moderately simple to explain. Just above the earth’s magma center there is an area that collects and retains water from rainfall, rivers, etc. This water is superheated by the magma underneath it. Wells are drilled five to ten thousand feet into the earth. Under its own pressure the water is piped up to the surface where the superheated water flows to a separator where the high pressure steam is rapidly vaporized and travels to a steam turbine. The steam power spins the turbine linked to a shaft that is connected directly to an electric generator. next the electricity goes to a transformer before it transfers through power lines and finally to your home. This is the process of a larger scale geothermal plant, homeowner models are slightly simpler and provide heat, cooling, and hot water at about a 70% decrease in your bills. They use a heat pump and pipes in the ground filled with an eco friendly anti freeze. In the winter the heat from the ground is brought up to heat the house. In the summer, the heat is pumped into the ground and cool air is brought back up. This works because at about twenty meters below the earth ground temperatures remain nearly the same all year as surface temps vary.

The final electric powerhouse to mention, mostly used in larger scale but has been adopted over the years for home use as smaller more practical models are made available. This would be the wind turbine. A wind turbine, most commonly installed on the top of a post collects kinetic energy from wind speeds generally above 7 mph. The blades turn a shaft which turns an electric generator. These home turbines start at around $3,000 for a small basic 1000 watt system to thousands depending on how much power you would require. Modern systems also require no batteries as older models did, now they just feed directly into your home current.

In conclusion I hope that these examples have opened your mind a little more of where our future is heading and the role eco friendly power will play on a daily basis for all our energy needs. All of these are indeed investments that will pay for themselves in a couple years. So why is it that every homeowner is not taking advantage of these energy alternatives? I believe it is simply because not enough people are informed enough to make a change, nor realize how rewarding it can be to the environment and your bills. Also changing the ways you think and achieve every day tasks. We can envision what it would be like to stop doing something your accustomed to doing your whole life and do something completely different. It’s a big step but we have got to start setting examples and taking advantage of these breakthrough ways to harness free energy. We all love free things, and mother nature just happens to be more than generous to give them to us.

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New Advanced Sinus Irrigation System Hits The Market The Sinu Pulse Elite

New Advanced Sinus Irrigation System Hits the Market- the SinuPulse Elite



After two painful sinus operations which didn’t resolve my problems, I started using pulsating nasal irrigation with a saline solution, and since then my health has improved dramatically. Instead of 2-3 or more sinus infections per year I have had two infections in 7 years, and those only occurred after long 24 hour trips from overseas when my resistance was way down. I used to get colds all the time, but now I watch others with colds and remark to myself how I never get them any more! Needless to say, I’m sold on pulsating sinus irrigation. (Note- I tried using a Neti Pot, but that method didn’t work for me at all. There is something about the fast pulses of water that is particularly effective.)

A new sinus irrigation machine has recently been introduced called the SinuPulse Elite , and I’ve been using one for several weeks. This article will discuss the machine and the results I’ve had.

How Most Colds and Allergies Get Started

How do you think most colds or allergies get started in your body? Bacteria, viruses, pollen and other pollutants enter your system through your nose, of course. If you wash all this gunk out on a daily basis, it only makes sense that you’ll avoid colds, infections, and allergy attacks.

Skeptical At First


When something works, you are reluctant to change. Just because a new machine came along, I wasn’t ready to jump in with both feet. However, my old machine broke down, and I obviously needed a new one. I wanted to stick with “old faithful”, but I had to face the fact that this machine was the second one that broke down on me in a little over a year. The machine was very good, but the salt solution I used must have taken its toll.

New Features- Mist Irrigation Attachments for Nose and Throat

The SinuPulse Elite has some new features besides just normal nasal and throat irrigation. The unit comes with a mist producing irrigation tip which creates mist that can penetrate deeply and soothe nasal passages. It also comes with a mist producing throat irrigation tip and tongue cleaner. This attachment helps soothe the throat and tongue and also helps to remove food particles and bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Of course the standard nasal and throat irrigation tips are also available, and these do most of the “heavy lifting”. The mist producing tips can make for additional comfort and relief, but these don’t do the whole job and only use about 2 oz. of saline solution. 16 oz. of solution are used with each of the regular tips for nasal and throat irrigation using the SinuPulse Elite . I personally do nasal irrigation twice a day because that regimen gives me great results. Some allergy sufferers only use the machine during allergy season, and that is all they need and works fine for them. Other people only use it when they feel like a cold is coming on.

The SinuPulse Elite unit also comes with 30 packets of saline solution, and there is a user guide that explains exactly how to use the machine and how to mix a saline solution just using non-iodized salt if you prefer, rather than purchasing more saline packets.

Billions of Dollars Could Be Saved

The well known ENT Dr. Robert Ivker, author of the book “Sinus Survival”, states that there are over 40 million people in the U.S. alone that suffer from chronic sinusitis, defined as persistent inflammation and/or infection lasting longer than 8 to 12 weeks. All or most of these people could probably get control of their chronic sinus problems if they were to use a SinuPulse Elite machine.

However, I honestly think that everyone should use pulsating nasal irrigation, not just sinus sufferers. It’s just a guess, but I would be willing to bet that everyone would eliminate on average one cold per year using pulsating nasal irrigation. At $100 per doctor visit and countless more on drugs, the level of savings would be in the billions. And this is not to mention gains in productivity and avoidance of the misery of living with a cold and resulting sinus infection in many cases.

A Simple and Natural Solution

This is a simple and natural way to avoid colds, allergies, and sinus problems that is inexpensive and highly effective. I spend no more than 5 minutes or so with the procedure each time, and that includes clean up, which is very easy.

If you want to improve your health, get yourself a SinuPulse Elite and use it daily. It feels a little funny at first and takes some getting-used-to (you don’t normally have water going into one nostril and out the other), but it is really no big deal. Almost any good sinus book written in the past 5 years recommends nasal irrigation as a must-do to avoid sinus problems.

Walt Ballenberger is founder of

Post Nasal Drip

a resource web site for sinusitis sufferers like himself. For a free report entitled Sinus Treatment Success Stories , visit

Post Nasal Drip

and click on the Free Report link. This resource can be of significant help to chronic sinus sufferers.

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Using Native Plants In Your Garden

Using Native Plants in Your Garden


ian Williamson

Using native plants in landscaping in an urban setting exudes a certain character and at the same time requires fewer resources; such as water, etc… Here are some things that you should know when planning to embark on this endeavor.

Why use native plants?

Using native plants for landscaping is a way of celebrating natural heritage and a way of returning back to a land ethic established 50 years before by Aldo Leopold. Looking closely at native plants, it can be ascertained that these plants have many traits that make them very appealing in terms of aesthetic value, ecological value, and practicality. They can also present some health benefits when used properly.


Native Plants

So what are native plants? Native plants are plants that have evolved naturally in the United States. In particular, native plants in a certain area are those that were thriving in the particular area long before humans brought plants from faraway places. Both in Central and Eastern North America, the native plants grow in areas that have other species which have adapted to similar weather, moisture, and soil conditions. Some of the more prevalent types include tallgrass prairies, beech and maple forests, freshwater marshes, bogs, and savannahs among others.

Native plants are energy savers

Since native plants have been present in their respective areas for thousands of years, they have adapted and toughened against local conditions. They are resilient and can withstand the cruel winter cold or the sizzling summer heat. After getting a firm hold on the land, these types of plants will need no fertilizers or irrigation and are less prone to pests. Because of these reasons, native plants are very ideal for a low-maintenance type of landscaping and gardening.

Native plants are fascinating

Due to their diversity, native plants include wonderful flowers and interesting foliage. Trees and shrubs native to an area present a multitude of shapes, textures, and sizes to the landscape. Besides this, native plants have very interesting cultural as well as historical dimensions. A lot of the species are considered to be of value both as food and medicine. Some types have been used for textiles, dyeing, and cordage to name a few of their uses… It also serves as a reminder, a link to yesterday and its memories.

These are some of the reasons why native plants are used for landscaping. If you think that these are well grounded reasons and that you concur with it, then there is no reason why you should not delve into native plant landscaping.

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Stunning In Seattle Olive 8 Is First Area Hotel To Get Leed Silver Certification

STUNNING IN SEATTLE–Olive 8 is First Area Hotel to Get LEED Silver Certification



The owners call their Olive 8 building in Seattle stunning, and for good reason.

The downtown 39-story hotel/condominium building officially received a LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a first for hotel/condominium buildings in the Seattle area.

As the first mixed-use hotel and residential project to be LEED certified in Seattle, Olive 8 was recognized as a high-performance building that is a responsible and efficient place to live, vacation and work. The cornerstone Hyatt at Olive 8 hotel, located within the Olive 8 building, is one of only 20 hotels in the U.S. to be officially designated green by the LEED Green Building Rating System.


According to David Thyer, CEO of R.C. Hedreen Company, the firm that planned and developed Olive 8, realizing the value of green building early on was instrumental in this success story.

Thyer said R.C. Hedreen did a significant redesign of the original building plans to ensure Olive 8 would meet the exacting LEED certification standards.

A few years ago, it became obvious to us that green, sustainable and environmentally friendly design and construction is the future, Thyer explained. All the research since then demonstrates that a green building is better for our bottom line, while also better for hotel guests and condo owners, both in terms of offering a healthier indoor environment and in terms of long-term investment value. Olive 8 is proof that a building can be both green and sophisticated.

Featuring a sleek 100-percent glass exterior, stunning blue glass architectural elements, and one of Seattle s largest living rooftops, the building s green design will make a lasting positive impact on the local environment. In addition to an expected energy savings of 23 percent more than a conventional building of similar size and occupancy, Thyer says Olive 8 should have water savings of about 36 percent, or approximately 2.4 million gallons each year.

Key elements that contribute to the energy-saving and eco-friendly nature of the building include: low-flow plumbing fixtures, which use one gallon per minute less than traditional showerheads; dual-flush toilets that use 29 percent less water per flush; a low-chemical mechanical water system that uses less potable water; landscaping maintenance that uses minimal city water, thanks to the use of native plant species and super-efficient irrigation systems. And, get this–in total, more than 95 percent of construction debris was diverted from landfill disposal by redirecting materials to be reused and recycled.

Our irrigation system results in a 99% savings from typical irrigation programs, an approximate savings of 24,000 gallons of water per year in addition to the 2.4 million gallons saved in the building, Thyer noted.

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