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If you have a house then you would agree that more than any other portion of your house it is the roof that demands a lot of attention. Every house owner has to spend a good deal of money to keep their roofs in mint condition. From missing shingles, congested gutters to rotted wooden underlayment, a number of things can cause a roof to leak. One cannot overemphasise the importance of having regular roof inspections in order to detect such problems and to fix them early on. If gone unnoticed these problems often do tend to become more serious and to repair it one will have to spend more money.

It is advisable to contract professionals who will service your roof on an annual basis but having said you too can learn how to maintain your roof and fix basic problems with a few tools and some inspection and repair techniques. Most roof repairs do not need an expert to look into it and these repairs, if spotted early on, can be easily tackled with the help of basic knowledge in roof repairing. To help you along we have put together some basic roof maintenance and repair guidelines that you can follow.

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The first thing you ought to have in place is a well defined roof inspection schedule. Allowing a problem to fester is the worst thing to do as it often complicated a simple problem which then requires costly advanced repair. In order to avoid this it is important that you prepare a schedule for each season and keep it handy. Furthermore, to ensure that you don\’t miss the date, make a note of it in your diary or daily planner. Though most experts would recommend a monthly inspection, the same may not be feasible given the busy lives we lead today. All things considered, quarterly inspections should help you keep your roof healthy.

Begin your inspection by meticulously scanning all portions of the walls inside the house that meets the ceiling. You are looking for water stains, drips, moisture, insects and so on. If you do not find any of these inside the house then step outside and look for the same. Remember to also examine shingles for moss growth, foliage deposit, bubbles and blisters, curling, discoloration and so on. Do not miss out the gutters and check them for any signs of leaking, missing hardware and clogs. Finally, enter the attic and determine if there are signs of leakage, both water & air, faulty or damaged ventilation fans.

Most kind of simple repairs such as replacing missing shingles, fixing loose hardware and sealing roof edges can be done with the help of basic tools and limited knowledge. This also includes sealing air leaks in order to control the temperature inside the house, restoring wooden planks, cleaning of clogs and disposing any kind of undesired deposits such as moss, algae, foliage etc. For complicated issues it is best to call in the professionals as your expertise may not be enough to solve these problems effectively and ensure that it doesn\’t return in a hurry.

A broken and damaged roof can cause many problems and it is important to hire an expert for

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