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More and more people are turning to medical procedures conducted in a foreign country, such as the Dominican Republic, including cosmetic surgery and Bariatric surgery. Common cosmetic surgery procedure done in the Dominican Republic include Face lifts, liposuction, Brazilian Butt lifts, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction and so on. Bariatric procedures have also increased in popularity and these include Lap-Band surgery, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass.


Is Medical Tourism in the Dominican Republic Safe? Many people are skeptical about medical tourism due to safety reasons. Because medical tourism in places such as the Dominican Republic is highly common, safety is no longer a concern. The percentage of getting face lifts, liposuction, breast augmentation and gastric bypasses will not increase and medical tourism would not be a leading global industry if it was not safe. Qualified doctors travel to foreign countries to do these procedures and to help people with their needs through quality care. Medical facilities are sanitary and are updated to meet the highest standards. Benefits of Medical Tourism Affordable Prices Cosmetic Surgery prices continue to rise in many cities where tummy tucks, breast lifts, face lifts and breast reduction is highly popular. It is very difficult to find affordable plastic surgery facilities. Medical tourism is the current solution to affordability issues. In fact, getting a plane ticket to a foreign country along with hotel accommodations and cosmetic surgery costs less than a plastic surgery procedure in many cities such as Los Angeles. Some cosmetic surgery and Bariatic procedures are mandatory for better health for an individual. These procedures can cost thousands of dollars at a local hospital. Medical tourism allows people to have affordable surgery options for a healthier life. Quality Care Because of the popularity of Medical Tourism, more and more qualified doctors and surgeons are traveling to foreign countries to perform cosmetic surgery and Bariatric procedures. This means that you will have high quality surgery at an affordable price. You will also enjoy quality medical care in order to have better recovery. Vacation in Paradise As mentioned above, you can purchase a plane ticket, get hotel accommodations and pay for your surgery for less than the surgery price at a local hospital. That means you save money and get more out of what you pay. You will be able to have an enjoyable vacation time along with cosmetic surgery. Above all, you can spend your time recuperating on the beach at a resort and have time to relax. For many people, Medical tourism translates to Medical Vacation. When it comes to your health, it is important to have the best options at a price you can afford. Certain procedures are prohibited in certain cities and medical tourism expands your options of cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic. The outcome of doing a surgery in a foreign country has been a positive experience for many people. For this reason, it has become highly popular to travel for health issues. The leading advantage is that you can have your cosmetic surgery performed in paradise; on a beach with white sand and a tropical atmosphere.

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