Bankers are being given a bad name by some very irresponsible parties in the big banking world. As a result, more and more people are looking to their local, small banks for sound financial advice and a more consistent level of friendly customer service. Essex Savings Bank have been providing just what their customers want and need for over 150 years. Today they remain one of the most secure and attractive options for local banking in Connecticut.

A Strong History

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Nothing bodes better for the future than a long and strong past. While Essex Savings Bank can certainly say they’ve had their troubled times, the fact that they have weathered many storms in their 150 year history shows that they are committed to responsible management. Having weathered the financial crisis of the past six years, Essex Savings Bank has once again shown that they are the right bank to trust, even in difficult times.

Personal Services and Products

As with many local and small banks, Essex Savings Bank has the advantage of being able to provide personalized banking products and top quality customer service. The banking professionals at Essex Savings Bank have been working with their local community for years, building trust and learning what it is that their customer base needs. That means you can rely on them to provide bank account options, trust services, investment advice, and loan and mortgage services that really make sense.

Highly Competitive

Many people think that a smaller bank is not able to compete with the big banks, but that is no longer the case. In fact, because a smaller, local bank has such specific control over their financial decisions, they are able to be even more competitive than some of the big banks. Financial management across counties and states can be very challenging, which is why some of the assets of big banks got so out of control during the past couple of decades. But with a smaller set of responsibilities, each task can be done with more care and attention. Essex Savings Bank has become competitive through excellent financial management strategies.

Dedication to Quality

Without a strong sense of how important it is to provide quality services and products, a bank simply cannot survive. At Essex Savings Bank, the focus has always been on providing quality services and products that the local community needs and can trust. If you can rely on your bank to make good decisions and to provide good advice, you’ll be much better off in the long run.

And best of all, at Essex Savings Bank you know that you’ll always meet with good people when you need financial help or advice. Call Essex Savings Bank today to learn more about what they can do for you.

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